Company Overview

As a leadership coach and facilitator of change, I guide clients to move toward peak performance and focused direction, gain sustainable confidence, and to achieve visionary results by breaking counterproductive thinking and creating an authentic personal leadership style. I start by providing individuals with tools to help them bridge gaps and transform approaches to how they think, feel and act in professional settings, and how to respond effectively to challenges. My goal is to assist clients in achieving the pursuit of a successful career and life balance by providing a customized coaching strategy to expand their potential, improve performance, explore options, encourage value added possibilities, and to navigate professional change.


I work with my clients to:


Dr. Arianne Weiner received her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology and Masters from Brandels University. Dr. Arianne Weiner has been trained in Myers-Briggs®, Clifton StrengthFinders®, FIRO-B®, TKI®, 360° Feedback®, certified in DISC® and uses a variety of other current industry practice developmental tools. Her clients range from small companies to large corporations, nonprofit to government agencies. She has worked in the following industries: legal, insurance, automotive, real estate, power generation, food service, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, and the creative sector.