I met Arianne while my partners and I were in the planning stages of a multi-concept hospitality business. We reached out to Arianne for her assistance with leadership and consulting, and although she was coming from a more corporate background, she was really able to flex into the specific idea we had in mind for our business. She came in and hit the ground running, helping to streamline essential processes around administrative, HR, training, hiring and onboarding – systems that we had no experience with, and that we still utilize in the business. Arianne has a wide range of skills developed from working with many different types of businesses, and I can’t recommend her enough.

If you’re a small business owner you will be so happy you scheduled a coaching session with Arianne. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She brings her deep knowledge from years of academic study and working with actual business owners. She stays on top of trends and laws and brings that along with her savvy to you and your business if you’re smart enough to listen to her and implement what she suggests. She tells it like it is, and I really appreciate how she’s helped me.

I was very impressed with the expertise, knowledge, and willingness of Dr. Arianne Weiner to jump in and help us with our project. I would highly recommend her coaching and consulting services to anyone who asks, and we appreciated the time and input which we received.


“Working with Arianne has been truly inspiring. With her help, I’ve become comfortable allowing myself to explore new roles I have taken on in the personal and professional aspects of my life, without feeling like I have to get everything right at first attempt. I have become more forgiving of myself, setting realistic expectations for these new roles and events in my life. Her approach is a perfect balance of nurturing empathy with tough realness, exactly what I need to become a leader in my own life.”

“Having Dr. Weiner as a professional coach over the past year has been truly monumental for me. I have been responsible for driving business results and coaching/developing leaders in the corporate environment for over a decade and sought out coaching to work through some challenges. Dr. Weiner was particularly effective in partnering with me to create an environment where I felt empowered to think through solutions. She challenged me to think critically about situations I was struggling with, and really drew awareness to the importance in setting personal development goals. When I realized that in order to be a more effective leader I needed to push myself and allow myself to transcend as a leader, I had more confidence in making the right decisions. This was the coaching I needed to become the leader and business manager I wanted to be, and I am very thankful for the coaching Dr. Weiner has provided me along the way.”

“Dr. Weiner has served as a professional coach for me through three years of conflict in the workplace. She has helped me to see the situation from many different angles and has suggested many resources to help me navigate the situation. She is a wonderful listener and a strong advocate who has a very keen understanding of workplace dynamics. I have sought her advice on professional matters, nonprofit management, working with boards of directors, and supervisory relations. As a result, I was able to find the power within myself to make a major change in my life. I would have never had the courage to do so without understanding that I am my best advocate, that a person cannot thrive in a setting defined by negativity, that we only are as strong as our trust in ourselves.”


“I have had very positive and productive experiences working with Arianne. She takes great measures to ensure that her clients’ needs are met, while adding a sense of fun to the planning process. Arianne is a true collaborator and it is always a pleasure to work with her.”

My one person business was gaining momentum to the point of being over-whelmed in just about every category of being a sole proprietor. It seemed sooner than later I would capsize with too much on my plate. I met Dr. Weiner at a luncheon and my intuitive response was to take her Solopreneur workshop. I can say I had immediate results. The initial insight and focus lead my business to some remarkable success before the course was over.

Truly, the workshop was leadership in action. My business gained a lot practical skill sets out of the workshop and Dr. Weiner’s leadership is the real deal. Others in the workshop added contrast as to put into perspective their unique challenges in running their business. This is a “Hands On” workshop, do the homework and reap the success and meet some awesome folks along the way, like Dr. Arianne Weiner!

Being Successful On Your Own, Coaching Workshop for Solopreneurs Attendee
This course is a must for any small business owner! The format of the class, in addition to Dr. Weiner’s expertise, allow the owner to focus on their business in a way that isn’t possible during a regular workday. The forward attention to specific areas of business with feedback from Dr. Weiner and the course participants allows for valuable insight and new ideas.

I have been working with Dr. Arianne Weiner for the past 8 months and would highly recommend her coaching services. She was extremely helpful to me as I was going though a career transition and has been a great consultant as I was in the process of acquiring a small business. She is extremely professional and has provided excellent feedback and advice to me during our meetings. She has given me great tools for evaluating situations in my life and I am grateful for her coaching assistance.